Kigali’s Guide to Services, Transport, and More.

Welcome to Kigali, Rwanda! Navigating a new city can be a daunting task, especially when you’re unfamiliar with the local services and amenities. To help you settle in and make the most of your time in Kigali, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to essential services and resources available in the city. Here is a detailed overview:

Transportation Services:

A. Yego Cabs: Yego Innovision Ltd offers affordable taxi services with meters that calculate fares based on distance, thereby eliminating the need for negotiation. You can contact them at 9191, and the initial fare is 1500 Rwandan Francs (frws) for the first kilometer, followed by 600 frws per kilometer thereafter. Payment can be made in cash or through MTN Mobile Money.

B. Move VW: Volkswagen introduced Move with VW, a taxi transport service accessible via a mobile app on both Android and iOS. The app calculates fares automatically based on distance. You can contact them at 1010 or use the app. Additionally, the initial fare is 600 frws for the first kilometer, with an additional 750 frws per kilometer.

C. Buying a Car: Consider purchasing a vehicle in Rwanda instead of relying solely on public transportation. Additionally, Akagera Motors, the largest car-selling company in Rwanda, provides the best services for renting and buying cars.

D. Motorcycle Transport (Motos): Motorcycles, known as ‘motos,’ are a prevalent and affordable mode of transportation in Kigali. Typically, prices for moto rides range from 500 to 1500 frws, highlighting their affordability and accessibility for residents and visitors alike. Moreover, the fare depends on the distance traveled.

E. Buses: Buses are the most cost-effective transportation option in Rwanda.They are readily available at bus stops throughout Kigali, where fares range from 250 to 350 frws. Additionally, payment is made using a Tap and Go card provided by AC Group.

F. Car Rentals: Car rental services are available through various agencies, with prices determined by the rental duration and vehicle type. Additionally, you can find rental cooperatives through word of mouth.

G. Parking Fee System: If you own a car, you’ll need to register your number plate and pay a parking fee. Generally, the fee typically ranges between 100 to 500 Rwandan Francs per hour. Moreover, the system sends confirmation texts upon payment.

Food and Grocery Delivery Services:

H. Food and Grocery Delivery: Various apps and services in Kigali offer food and grocery delivery to your doorstep. For instance, you can use VubaVuba App, Rush Foods App, and Hehe Mart for groceries.

Medical Clinics:

I. Medical Services: Kigali boasts both public hospitals and private clinics, offering general and specialized medical care. Some notable options include Legacy Clinics, La Life Polyclinic, and Baho International Hospital.


J. Pharmacies:Numerous pharmacies in Kigali provide prescription and non-prescription drugs, along with medical advice. In particular, noteworthy establishments in this regard include Vine Pharmacy, Pharmacie Conseil, and Kipharma. Additionally, these pharmacies are well-regarded for their reliable services and quality products.

Home Services:

A. House Cleaning: Kigali offers various cleaning services, both from independent cleaning staff and established companies like City Fumigators Ltd that specialize in cleaning services as well.

Grocery Shopping:

B. Supermarkets: Simba, Sawa City, Woodlands, and other supermarkets cater to your grocery shopping needs. Simba, in particular, offers a wide range of products, including electronics and kitchenware.

C. Local Produce Markets: Explore Kimironko Market for fresh produce and local crafts. It’s advisable to go with a local or ask for assistance from a resident when shopping there.

D. Butchery and Imported Goods: German Butchery is the go-to place for fresh meats, while Frulep offers a selection of imported goods, including cheeses and Belgian beers.


E. Restaurants: Kigali offers a diverse range of dining options, including Pili Pili, Mr. Chips, Khana Khazana, Java House, SoleLuna, and more.

Events and Leisure Activities:

F. Events: Stay in the loop with local events through Vibe Kigali, a closely affiliated partner of Vibe Real Estate that specializes in local events in Kigali.

G. Cinema: Century Cinema Rwanda and Canal Olympia stand as Kigali’s primary movie theaters, boasting excellent facilities. They showcase newly released movies and shows catered to your taste.

Sports Facilities:

H. Sports Clubs: In the heart of Kigali, Cercle Sportif, Nyarutarama Tennis Club, and Kigali Golf Club provide sporting elegance, while Waka Fitness and Cali Fitness inject energy with diverse activities. Together, they form a dynamic hub, collectively shaping the city’s fitness and recreational landscape.

Immigration Services:

A. Visa and ID Card: Learn about the visa application process and obtaining a resident ID card. Furthermore, make use of the Irembo website for government-related tasks.

B. Police Clearance: If you’re applying for a work visa, you may need a police clearance from your previous place of residence. Try to obtain this before arriving in Rwanda.

Umuganda and Car Free Day:

C. Community Cleanup (Umuganda): Participate in Umuganda on the last Saturday of every month to help clean up your community. Respect the tradition by not going out during this time.

D. Car Free Day: Car Free Day occurs on the first and third Sunday of each month. During this event, major roads are closed to vehicles and businesses in an effort to encourage exercise and a healthier lifestyle Additionally, this initiative promotes a healthier lifestyle and fosters a more pedestrian-friendly environment.


E. Gas and Electricity: Gas is available in propane tanks and can be purchased at shops or gas stations. Additionally, electricity meters can be loaded using mobile money or bank applications.

F. Water Services: As Rwanda’s primary water provider, WASAC guarantees dependable water services. Moreover, transitioning into the digital era, their water services and bills can be conveniently settled through mobile money or by utilizing WASAC’s designated account number.

Telecommunication Services:

G. Telecom Providers: MTN Rwanda and Airtel Rwanda are the primary telecom providers. Moreover, you can purchase SIM cards from various locations, making it convenient for new users to access their services.

Home Internet:

H. Home Internet: In Rwanda, high-speed internet services cater to both home and business needs. Notably, the two major home internet providers, Liquid Telecom and CanalBox, offer exceptionally affordable and fast internet packages.

As you delve into Kigali’s services and experiences, remember this city is more than a destination—it’s a canvas for your unique story. From transport to cuisine, healthcare to leisure, Kigali invites you to shape your narrative in its vibrant embrace. Your journey unfolds here, in the heart of Rwanda. Welcome to Kigali, where your adventure awaits.

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